Monday, June 16, 2008

Celebrity Culture

As stated in an earlier post, one of the missions of this website is to raise awareness and recruit support. One channel for this will be via those with a highly visible public profile.

In modern society, celebrities are uniquely positioned. They can publicize and influence. By virtue of their position, they can make themselves into a significant force for change. However, they are also human, and as such are just as likely to be disturbed by the Schapelle Corby story as everyone else.

Over the coming months we will therefore be attempting to engender the support of a number of celebrities. I used the word 'attempt' because this is not straight forward. Celebs tend to be remote and inaccessible, and by necessity place barriers between themselves and the public. Letters do not get through to them, and when they do, they can easily be discarded simply through the sheer volume of correspondence they receive. Actually getting them to read a website such as this (for example) and think about a situation, is very very difficult.

Notwithstanding these issues, this is one of many channels which we will attempt to use. We will keep you posted!

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