Friday, April 10, 2009

Blog Updates

Apologies for this rather slow burning blog: over 4 months since the last post. Contrary to the impression this creates, I have in fact been extremely busy.

Some of this work manifests itself in the development of this website. Recent additions include:

  • The Schapelle Corby FAQ: This is intended to be an easy to follow overview for those new to the case

  • People for Schapelle: December saw the organization of the global protest, and January saw the introduction of this section, intended as a showcase for people from across the world to demonstrate their support for Schapelle

  • Kerobokan, Schapelle's Conditions: This is being put together to show the world the squalor Schapelle has to survive in, on a daily basis. I am currently working on an initiative to illustrate this more graphically, although it is emotionally draining and hence is very slow work

  • The most time consuming project though has been a section I have called: "Schapelle Corby: The Hidden Truth" (PDF: right click and 'save as' to download). This essentially explores the various propositions with respect to the source of the marijuana itself. I have detailed the facts, the relationships between the relevant parties in both countries, and the impossible coincidences which we are supposed to believe. Importantly, I have externally referenced the contents throughout, to demonstrate the objectivity of the exercise. The outcome was exactly what I expected: the notion that Schapelle Corby had anything to do with drugs is absolutely ridiculous, particularly when viewed alongside the other possibilities.

    Hopefully the wait for the next blog post won't be quite as long. Having said that, the list of projects seems to be growing almost on a daily basis.




    At April 11, 2009 12:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thank you Morpheus. You are a hero. To accept this injustice is to abandon humanity and to deny the distinction between right and wrong.


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