Breaches of the Indonesian Code of Criminal Procedure, and the UN International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, in the Schapelle Corby Trial

An Assessment of the Case
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"If the UN don't act on this, what is their function?"

A Case Assessment
There follows an assessment of the countless breaches of law, and of UN human rights conventions, by the Indonesian judiciary during the trial of Schapelle Corby.

It demonstrates beyond doubt the anxiousness of the judge, lawyers and police to convict her, to the extent of repeatedly and substantially breaching critical aspects of Indonesian law and international conventions. It documents the daily examples of serious illegal breaches of Schapelle Corby's legal and human rights, and the pre-ordained nature of the trial. 





This paper is organized into multiple sections. The first part briefly examines a number of general aspects, whilst the second details events in a chronological manner. Several appendices are included, which examine specific aspects of the case.



The contents are:

1.        Introduction

2.        General Aspects

3.        Chronological Study

4.        Further Aspects and Research


Appendix 1 - The Refusal to Test for Fingerprints or Determine the Quality/Origin of the Marijuana 

Appendix 2 - The Principle of Judicial Independence and Impartiality



The Indonesian Code of Criminal Procedure (KUHAP) was breached throughout this case.  In addition, Schapelle Corby’s human rights were substantially breached with respect to a number of other important covenants and principles, including the UN International Convention on Civil and Political Rights.  

Under both Indonesian and international law, the verdict cannot be regarded as safe or correct. As detailed in the final date entry of this paper, Schapelle Corby should have been acquitted and released, in compliance with the law.


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